At Happy Scratch, our mission is to improve owners and pets lives. We hope our products provide relief to your pets and give you peace of mind that you’re doing all you can do for your pets’ comfort and happiness.

Jordan Sand

Jordan Sand, PHD

Happy Scratch Co-founder

Hello my name is Dr. Jordan Sand, PhD. I am a co-founder of Cold Water Technologies. I am also the co-inventor of the Happy Scratch technology. I went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison for graduate school in molecular and environmental toxicology. I further did a post-doctorate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Professor Mark Cook’s laboratory where I developed the Happy Scratch technology and met my cofounder Dr. Maria Dashek. I performed all of the preclinical work on Happy Scratch including the first feeding to pets. After years of working on this technology, we had such great success, we knew we had to offer this product to dog and cat lovers everywhere to ease their pets’ frustration with allergies.

Maria Dashek

Maria Dashek, DVM, PhD

Happy Scratch Co-founder

Hello, my name is Dr. Maria Dashek, DVM, PhD, and I am a co-founder of Cold Water Technologies. I went to veterinary and graduate school at the University of Wisconsin – Madison where I met Dr. Jordan Sand, CEO of Cold Water Technologies. Dr. Sand and I worked together in Dr. Mark Cook’s laboratory where Happy Scratch was discovered. While I have known the beneficial properties of Happy Scratch for years, it was not until I experienced seasonal allergies with my own dog, Kiba, that I knew of its value to pets. Kiba is a long-haired chihuahua mix who used to spend his days chewing on his itchy paws. After using Happy Scratch for just 3 weeks, Kiba stopped chewing his paws! That’s when I knew this technology had to be shared with the world.

Happy Scratch is a dietary supplement treat for dogs and cats. The science behind Happy Scratch was developed by researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Happy Scratch is a brand of Cold Water Technologies, Inc., based in Middleton, Wisconsin.